Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Any Evita fans out there? Here's a live recording of Don't Cry For Me Argentina with voice and guitar.

I first saw Evita in San Francisco. I found the production to be extremely moving, stirring something deep inside of my heart. Eva Perone was not on my radar in any way, in fact I hadn't even heard of Evita.

When the show began, I whispered to my Mother that it reminded me of Jesus Christ Super Star. She whispered back, "I think it's by the same guys." I shrugged ignorantly.

As I sat next to my Mother in the audience, I found myself sobbing quietly there in the dark. The story of a girl who rose above poverty and obscurity transcending humble beginnings with sheer will and ambition struck a chord with me.

Ill equipped to handle the vocal challenges of the score at the time, I didn't care. I couldn't help myself. Privately, I sang along with Elaine Page until I knew every breath on the London Cast album. It's so interesting to come back to this material after years and years of secretly holding this music inside.

"Have I said too much? There is nothing more I can think of to say to you." -Evita