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Ten Reasons To Go Out To Hear Live Music

Ten Reasons To Go Out To Hear Live Music
Inspired by a conversation between two musicians.

1. It feels good.
Sound waves vibrate. Music is made of sound waves. Quite literally, the vibrations of live music can make you feel good.

2. It is a once in a lifetime - you had to be there - kind of thing.
Yes, listening to recordings of your favorite music can be thrilling, but being in the same room at the very moment that music is being created is different. Even the same musicians, playing the same music in the same room is different because of you. You may not be aware of the impact you have on the music, but your very presence, your attention or inattention, your intention, your attitude all have an effect on the music.

3. It takes you out of yourself.
When you listen to music you can be transported to other storylines, points of view and even realms of your own imagination. We all need to stop puzzling over our own problems and challenges from time to time (more often than not, I'd say) and allow ourselves to put down the bone - take a break - day dream - let our minds wander. Live music can give your mind the break it needs to make room for fresh insights.

4. It fosters community.
Everyone wants to live in a community that is vibrant and thriving. Even the most reclusive among us have a need for human to human contact at some time.

5. You don't have to sit in front of the speakers.
You can enjoy live music from the next room, if you like. The sounds of our fellow humans laughing and having fun over the sounds of live music can be uplifting. It's the soundtrack to my fondest memories and dreams - drifting off to sleep to the sounds of music and laughter.

6. Something magical might happen.
It might. You never know. It's live. Something could happen that will make you laugh out loud for years, or bring tears to your eyes or light a spark of inspiration within you. You won't know unless you're there. Heck, you could find $100 bill in your jacket pocket or a $20 on the way to your car!

7. You don't have to talk. 
Listening is a skill. You may find your companions are much more interesting when you listen to them. ;)

8. Eavesdropping can be fun.
While you're listening, maybe you'll overhear something at another table that will inspire a scintillating conversation on the way home or your next New York Times Best Seller.

9. You'll be supporting the local economy.
Yes, you'll be directly supporting the musicians, but you'll be supporting the bartender, the wait staff, chefs, valets, club owners, restaurant managers, insurance brokers, banks, credit card servicers, trash collectors, electric company, municipal utilities workers, builders, painters, plumbers, car dealers, and gas stations, too.

10. You can tap your foot, nod your head, smile, clap and snap your fingers.
Sometimes you can even dance. All of this takes us back to number 1 - it feels good. Feeling good is good for you. It's good for your health. It's good for everyone of us and it's contagious.
You're welcome.


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