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Don't Cry For Me Argentina

Any Evita fans out there? Here's a live recording of Don't Cry For Me Argentina with voice and guitar.

I first saw Evita in San Francisco. I found the production to be extremely moving, stirring something deep inside of my heart. Eva Perone was not on my radar in any way, in fact I hadn't even heard of Evita.

When the show began, I whispered to my Mother that it reminded me of Jesus Christ Super Star. She whispered back, "I think it's by the same guys." I shrugged ignorantly.

As I sat next to my Mother in the audience, I found myself sobbing quietly there in the dark. The story of a girl who rose above poverty and obscurity transcending humble beginnings with sheer will and ambition struck a chord with me.

Ill equipped to handle the vocal challenges of the score at the time, I didn't care. I couldn't help myself. Privately, I sang along with Elaine Page until I knew every breath on the London Cast album. It's so interesting to come back to this material after years and years of secretly holding this music inside.

"Have I said too much? There is nothing more I can think of to say to you." -Evita


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Here's a little sample from a LIVE set of Brazilian tunes we played at The Performance Space last week. I am loving working on this repetoire, so tender, sweet and sad with beautiful melodies and gentle rhythms. The sounds coming from Jesse Vernier's guitar are an inspiration. We've got some Portuguese tunes in the pipeline, too. 

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